Deeply enveloped in centuries of rich history and veiled mystery, the La Hora Azul – Blue Hour Tequila is proudly and firmly rooted in the soil and traditions of México, its people, and its culture. The very name—México—is derived from Mxiho, the Nahuatl word for ‘place at the center of the moon.’ For millennia, the Nahuatl developed a tradition for cultivating and harvesting the sacred Blue Agave. Teeming with nutrients and used in their spiritual, daily dietary, textile and social practices, they referred to the Blue Agave as the Tree of Miracles. Today, centuries and generations later, 300 families still farm this land, growing the purest and most delicious Blue Highland Agave on Earth. And the tradition of how La Hora Azul – Blue Hour Tequila cultivate, harvest, and cut their Blue Agave has remained unchanged for more than one-thousand years.

La Hora Azul – Blue Hour Tequila Blanco

Unkissed by the barrel, the award winning Blanco represents the freshest and purest essence of the Blue Agave. Like a fine Beaujolais Nouveau, it expresses the youthful vitality from the Blue Agave directly into each bottle. The Master Alquimia skillfully create Blanco from a variety of unrested highland blends. Poured into the bottle immediately after its creation, Blanco’s freshness emanates throughout and shines forth upon opening.




The immediate warmth of its silken body radiates through its luminous golden hues. Aromatic hints of vanilla, caramel, and honey invite you in. Lightly touched with soft and gentle hints of spice that flow down the tongue and break in waves of caramel and fresh fruit, and boasting a brilliant, deeper hue from nearly a year in the barrel, Reposado is unlike any tequila you’ve ever had. Aged 90 days to one year.




La Hora Azul – Blue Hour Tequila Añejo

Their Blue Agave have already matured in the fields for nearly 10 years. Aged for up to three additional years in smoked and white oak charred Kentucky bourbon barrels, Añejo is the most robust of the La Hora Azul—Blue Hour® familia, sumptuous, with a complex nose and depth. From the strong notes of agave, oak, nutty richness, and silky caramel in its aroma, to the smooth and bold vanilla and spicy, fruit essence of its taste, the languorous, deep golden hues, and intense, smoky flavors of Añejo excite the palate to deliver an experience unrivalled. Born of the nutrient-rich highlands of Volcán Tequila, our award winning Añejo will seduce you, and you will be forever changed. Aged 12 – 36 months.