CA' Di Rajo

Ca’ di Rajo is a winery immersed in the valley and surrounded by vineyards, strictly suitable for the production of both still and sparkling wines. The winery, built in modern style but respectful of the traditional architecture of the Piave area, is equipped with modern facilities for winemaking. Mixing the history and the tradition of the territory with innovation, careful and wise hands transform the fruits of this land into high quality wines. Ca' di Rajo more and more identifies itself in the development and production of autochthonous vine variety of Treviso’s province. One of these wines is the Prosecco Superiore di Conegliano Valdobbiadene Docg, which finds its home among the gentle hills, in a territory where old traditions and innovations wave together, capturing guests in each seasons thank to its unforgettable colors, perfumes and tastes.

Prosecco DOC Treviso Extra Dry

Color: Bright, straw yellow with green highlights. The perlage is delicate and persistent. Bouquet: It reminds of acacia flowers, of good intensity with particular notes of apple, lemon and grapefruit. Taste: Good structure, soft with emerging fruity notes; balanced and full-bodied, it is pleasant and harmonious on the palate.

Accolades: "The Drink Business" Magazine - Prosecco contest 90 points 2015, Planetgrape SAN FRANCISCO 91 points 2015, Los Angeles International Wine Competition Bronze 2015



Prosecco Superiore DOCG Valdobbiadene Millesimato Extra Dry

Color: Bright, straw yellow. The perlage is delicate and persistent. Bouquet: Intense and elegant aroma of Acacia flowers with particular notes of apple, lemon and grapefruit. Taste: Good structure, soft with notes of fruit, balanced and savoury. Pleasant and harmonious on the palate.

Accolades: Planetgrape SAN FRANCISCO 91 points 2015, Los Angeles International Wine Competition Gold 2013, Los Angeles International Wine Competition 90 points, Los Angeles International Wine Competition Silver 2015, International Wine and Spirit Competition Silver 2014, Mundus Vini Silver 2014.


Prosecco Superiore docg Valdobbiadene Millesimato Brut Cuvèe del Fondatore

Color: Bright, straw yellow, delicate and persistent perlage. Bouquet: Acacia flowers, with good intensity with particular notes of apple, lemon and grapefruit. Taste: Good structure, soft with taste of fruit appearing, balanced and savory, it is agreeable and harmonious for the palate. Sparkling process: Second fermentation in stainless steel tank for 90/100 days to 12.5C.

Accolades: Internatiolal Wine Challenge - Bucharest Silver 2012, IWSC- International Wine and Spirits Competition Bronze 2014, Decanter Asia Wine Awards Bronze 2013, Decanter World Wine Awards Bronze 2012


Marca Trevigiana Pinot Grigio

Color: Straw yellow with gold highlights. Bouquet: Intense, wide, complex, with floral notes (eglantine and orange blossom) and hints of tropical fruit, citrus and apricot. Taste: Structured, voluminous, dense, balanced with good acidity. Complex and intense varietal notes; the aftertaste is long and persistent with strong notes of citrus, peach and apricot.

Accolades: China Wine and Spirits Award Gold 2015, China Wine and Spirits Award Gold 2014




Ferdinando Guicciardini is a Tuscan wine and olive oil producer and, like other Tuscan producers who go back many generations, he am confronted every day with the legacy of centuries and the evolution of time. He believes that when love for your estate, vineyards and olive groves is transmitted generation after generation, it gets into your DNA. The heritage of Castello di Poppiano in Chianti Colli Fiorentini, represents the tradition of the Guicciardini since the XI century. Ferdinando Guicciardini felt the need to create something new, setting up from scratch the estate Massi di Mandorlaia in Morellino di Scansano, in Maremma (the southern coastal area of Tuscany). In both these estates his wife Annamaria (Titti) and he have given much of themselves with the desire that their love for our heritage can be transmitted to others through their products.


Castello di Poppiano Chianti Colli Fiorentini Il Cortile

Brilliant ruby with purple hues, incisive aromas which open with fruity flavors, great balance between alcoholic component and tannins. Elegant, deep, long finish. Winery info: “Il Cortile” is the result of years of focused efforts at Castello di Poppiano to enhance its most typical product, “Chianti Colli Fiorentini” DOCG. Optimum exposure of the vineyards and low yields are the key factors behind this high quality wine. Cellar Notes: Fermentation in stainless steel vats at controlled temperature of 26-27°C, 14 days maceration. Aging: In vats and partly in oak casks for 4-6 months, then in bottle.



Castello di poppiano Riserva Chianti Colli Fiorentini DOCG

Riserva is matured in oak casks in the cellar of the Castle. Dark ruby with slightly garnet hues, complex aromatic impact, full bodied with noticeable tannins, intense but subtle texture, well harmonized with a well tempered alcohol. Pleasant, full balanced finish.




Castello di Poppiano La Historia Toscana 

Great structure and elegant character combined to a pleasant fruity sweetness. A well balanced and harmonic wine with appropriate freshness and mature, velvet tannins. A lingering and intense aromatic finish with fruity flavors of plums mixed to balsamic flavors. Francesco Guicciardini, politician, diplomat and statesman from Florence, in his last years (1537-1540) retired in Arcetri and Poppiano where he wrote part of his masterpiece
“Historia d’Italia”, the first historical work analyzing the Italian events in the wider frame of the great European policy. This wine, produced in Poppiano, the land he owned, is meant as a tribute to our eminent Ancestor, the father of modern historiography.


Castello Di Poppiano Vin Santo Della Torre Grande 

From the ancient and honoured tradition of Tuscan hospitality comes this fabulous wine: Vin Santo (“Holy Wine”). The must obtained from dried Malvasia grapes is fermented and matured for years in oak and chestnut barrels (“caratelli”) in the spectacular Vinsantaia (the Vinsanto winery) in the Main Tower (“Torre Grande”) of the Castle. Its dry structure, traditional of the old times classic Vinsanto, balanced by a natural delicate sweetness makes it a fine dessert wine.



Massi DI MANDORLAIA Morellino Di Scansano Carbonile

This delightful wine opens with notes of blue flower and ripe red berries that carry over to the palate. It makes a warm, soft accompaniment to everyday fare such as hearty pastas or dense Tuscan soups.





Massi di Mandorlaia Morellino di Scansano

Dark intense purple color. Complex spicy and mineral notes lead to fruity aromas, round body, light acidic note well harmonized with powerful alcohol. Nice balsamic nose finish. Maremma, the coastal area of Southern Tuscany, is revealing its great potential for producing fine wines, and “I Massi” di Mandorlaia makes the case. Sangiovese, the backbone of Morellino, demonstrates power and elegance. Small percentages of Alicante, Merlot and Cabernet lent lushness.